Disabled Aircraft Recovery Center

Disabled Aircraft – the risk to your business
The ever-present risk of a having to deal with a Disabled Aircraft Recovery incident is very real. Globally there are now over 100,000 landings per day. A disabled aircraft incident can happen due to a variety of factors including training, weather, equipment failure, or procedure error.

The key to managing this risk is being prepared. Preparation includes having the right equipment and training. Are your recovery teams trained in a real-life scenario? Do they have the right equipment? Are they doing refresher training? All of this preparation and training allows you to mitigate the risk that IF it happens you will be ready.

What about the risk to your business? A disabled aircraft can also be expensive if not dealt with efficiently. The cost is usually on the operator so that is why preparation is important.

Our Disabled Aircraft Recovery Training Center is lead by industry-leading experts in this area. They pass on the knowledge to your team and build your experience so that when you need it you are ready!

Our Training Center
Our Disabled Aircraft Recovery training center is a one-stop-shop for everything DAR. Not only are our instructors very experienced in dealing with a disabled aircraft recovery, our courses have been designed by consulting the industry and fitting them to the needs.

Our training covers the introductory needs for your wider team, the detailed planning elements for your planners and the complex and critical actual onsite recovery using a real airliner and real recovery equipment. Our instructors will take your team through a complete scenario from start to finish so that they can see and learn how to do it themselves.

Through regular refresher training our Disabled Aircraft Recovery Training Center equips your team to be ready at all times. In-between annual training our custom Training Portal gives your team regular planning exercises to keep them thinking and ready.