ERP Planning and mitigation

Preparation and Testing
All aviation organizations need to be prepared for emergency and unplanned events. These can be caused by system failures our outside forces.

Regardless of the reason, an effective Emergency Response Plan (ERP) will cater for all possible emergency scenarios. It is essential to ensure that your ERP is effective and tested.

You might have a different name for it and we can guarantee every aviation organization has a slightly different approach but in the end the important thing is that it is effective. In that moment of need when things have not gone as planned that the preparation and training is proven effective and lives are saved and assets protected.

Emergency Response Planning as Risk Mitigation

Although it is not often seen as an important task, the preparation and testing of your ERP is an essential tool in risk mitigation.

In the language of an SMS, the ERP work has both a preventative and recovery control nature.

On the preventative side it can be used to mitigate the risk as each time procedures are reviewed and practiced further improvement is almost always guaranteed. On the recovery side, the quality and preparedness of your team is a huge factor in dealing with any incident.

At Unified Aviation we have expert staff who can help you review and improve your ERP regardless of the size of your organization.