Disabled Aircraft Recovery Center
Our DAR Training center provides excellent and realistic training to the aviation industry. Our courses have been designed using feedback from our clients to ensure that they meet industry needs.

This critical training prepares your staff for this event and reduces your safety and business risk.

Heliport Certification
Our team have the experience and the knowledge to help you set up or upgrade your heliport to achieve improved safety and certification. Each location has unique needs and our role is to ensure that your expectations are achieved so that you can operate safely and effectively.
Aviation Filming Permissions
Aviation filming is a specialist service and takes a large amount of coordination. Unified Aviation can make this process easier and smoother for our clients. Our aviation experts have years of experience working with the approval agencies and will work with you to achieve the correct permissions and logistic support you need for your aerial filming to go smoothly.
SMS Specialist Service
The Safety Management System (SMS) is an essential part of any aviation organization. Understanding how your SMS is performing and how it can be improved is part of what an SMS achieves. At Unified Aviation we understand how an SMS can provide positive results for your organization, both in reduced risk and increased returns.
Auditing and Base Checks
Regular checks and inspections of outstations or branches are an essential tool in measuring the effectiveness of organizational procedures and the SMS.

Unified Aviation can provide our clients with an independent customized service that utilizes the extensive experience of our team to provide you with productive feedback that will improve safety and efficiency.

Rotterdam Airport in The Netherlands.
ERP Planning and Mitigation
All aviation organizations need to be prepared for emergency and unplanned events. These can be caused by system failures our outside forces.

Regardless of the reason, an effective Emergency Response Plan (ERP) will cater for all possible emergency scenarios. It is essential to ensure that your ERP is effective and tested.

Aviation Security Planning and Development
Security is an essential part of aviation safety. Security procedures are mandatory for all aviation organizations and clients expect this to be managed proactively and effectively.

All aspects of an organizations security program need to be checked and assessed on a regular basis. Our security expert can provide advice and strategies to achieve this.

Aviation Project Management
Aviation projects can vary greatly in size and scope. At Unified Aviation we approach each project with a practical approach and focus clearly on what our client requirements are and how we can help them succeed. The key to our service is our experience and client-focused approach.